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Contemporary Fashion Stylists

Contemporary Fashion Stylists

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by: Luanne McLean

Behind most Hollywood stars there is a fashion stylist's guiding hand making sure that everyone will gasp with admiration - and not horror - at the actress's outfit when she makes her walk along the red carpet. From film stars to pop stars to political figures, stylists are much in demand and some are almost as well known as their clients such as Patricia Field who memorably styled Sarah Jessica Parker for her role in Sex and the City.

This book profiles some of the top international fashion stylists working today. Starting with an introduction that explains what a stylist does and a short history covering some of the legendary fashion stylists, the book then focuses on people currently working in the field. Arranged alphabetically, each entry has a brief biography of the stylist including how he or she got into the field and images of the stylist at work plus photographs of some of their clients and styling sessions, sketches, notes, and tips. From the more traditional stylists to the more outrageous ones, the book covers a wide range of styles and media from styling for magazine shoots as well as for film and video.

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