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Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad

Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad

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What do you know about sex lives of lab rats? Or why swearwords should be prescribed by doctors? How about why hangovers can make you drink more, or why rollercoasters can reduce symptoms of asthma? Black Sheep: The Secret Benefits of Being Bad provides a weird and wonderful tour of fascinating research from the world of psychological science. There will be ingenious methodology and the dazzling findings across sex, addiction, bad language and fast driving. There will be drunkenness, hangovers, love, victory, split-second emergencies and close brushes with death. And on top of that there will be plenty of interesting ideas and findings many of which you won't see coming. Reading this book will change how you think about sex, driving, love and drugs and you'll never look at stress and boredom the same way again.

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