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Beyond Consciousness: What Happens After Death

Beyond Consciousness: What Happens After Death

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In his latest book, David Jay Brown explores one of humankind's deepest mysteries: the afterlife. Composed primarily of quotes from hundreds of Brown's interviews with cutting-edge scientists, philosophers, and visionary artists, the book covers a wide range of ideas about what happens to consciousness after the body dies. Going far beyond conventional notions of the other side, the book draws insight from quantum physics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, Eastern philosophy, comparative religion, mysticism, near-death experiences, parapsychology, dream research, shamanism, and experiences with psychedelics. Accompanying the quotes are eye-catching graphics and photos that illustrate important concepts and a brief narrative that ties the ideas together and explores their philosophical significance. Featured thinkers include Terence McKenna, Jack Kevorkian, Timothy Leary, Noam Chomsky, Ram Dass, Jerry Garcia, Robert Anton Wilson, Allen Ginsberg, and Paul Krassner.

by: Beverly A. Potter Ph.D.

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