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Betwixt-and-Between: Essays on the Writing Life

Betwixt-and-Between: Essays on the Writing Life

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“Jenny is the future of nonfiction in America. What an absurdly arrogant statement to make. I make it anyway. Watch.” ―John D’Agata

“Yes, Aristotle, there can be pleasure without ‘complete and unified action with a beginning, middle, and end.’ Jenny Boully has done it.” ―Mary Jo Bang

“Jenny Boully is a deeply weird writer―in the best way.” ―Ander Monson

Jenny Boully’s essays are ripe with romance and sensual pleasures, drawing connections between the digression, reflection, imagination, and experience that characterizes falling in love as well as the life of a writer. Literary theory, philosophy, and linguistics rub up against memory, dreamscapes, and fancy, making the practice of writing a metaphor for the illusory nature of experience. Betwixt and Between is, in many ways, simply a book about how to live.

by : Jenny Boully 

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