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Teenage Guide to Stress

Teenage Guide to Stress

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by : nicola morgan

This is a scientifically informative and accurate self-help guide to teenage stress. Nicola Morgan is something of an authority on the teenage brain and is often invited to schools and colleges to speak on the subject. She came up with the idea of The Teenage Guide to Stress because so many parents and teenagers contacted her for advice and help. The book is divided into three sections: Section One explains what stress is and looks at the ways teenage stress is different; Section Two deals with a number of issues that affect teenagers - from anger, depression and sexual relationships to cyber-bullying, exams and eating disorders - and offers guidance and advice, as well as looking at how pre-existing conditions such as OCD and dyslexia are affected by adolescence; and, Section Three is concerned with how to deal with and prevent the symptoms of stress, as well as healthy ways of looking after your mind and body. At the back of the book is a glossary and list of useful resources. It is written by the author of Blame My Brain, shortlisted for the Aventis Prize for Science. It includes quotes from real teenagers and their parents.

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