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Oxford Chinese Minidictionary

Oxford Chinese Minidictionary

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This language reference is an instant-access, completely portable dictionary for anyone with a general curiosity about the Chinese language. Whether you're studying, working, or just interested in Chinese as it is used today, this is the only book you need for a complete introduction to the language. It includes thousands of words, phrases, and translations; thousands of examples drawn from real-life situations; and headwords in simplified Chinese script, as well as in Pinyin romanization to aid better pronunciation. In addition to a detailed introduction, there is a section on how to use the dictionary, ideal for any beginner. This volume also includes tones in Mandarin Chinese, an index of Chinese characters, a Chinese-to-English dictionary, and an English-to-Chinese dictionary. Designed specifically for English speakers learning Chinese, this Minidictionary is the essential resource for all those wishing to better understand the beauty of the language, and the perfect companion for a trip to a Chinese-speaking country.

by : Oxford University Press

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