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Game and Hunting

Game and Hunting

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This is a comprehensive overview of every aspect of the hunt. The hunt is an important element of our cultural history. Even though modern society has long since moved beyond hunting and gathering as the most fundamental basis of human existence, hunting still exerted substantial influence over European society and its culture over the course of centuries. The historical development of a hunting culture whose roots are thousands of years old is reflected in art, crafts, architecture, and literature. This book traces the course of the hunt from its very beginnings to the present. In the cultural-historical section, illuminating works of art and other treasures, as well as stately hunting palaces that were designed or reproduced by artists, are presented. The second part of the book is devoted to game in its natural environment and the hunt in modern times. This compendium filled with brilliant animal photography will appeal not only to hunters, but will arouse the interest of all nature fans.

by: Kurt Blüchel 

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