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Paths Of Faith: Conversations About Religion And Spirituality

Paths Of Faith: Conversations About Religion And Spirituality

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There are as many different ways of expressing religious faith and spirituality as there are people in the world. In this fascinating collection Michael Thomas Ford speaks to eleven people who have spent their lives within various spiritual traditions. In candid, revealing interviews they discuss the challenges they've faced, the issues they've struggled with, and the joys they've experienced from being part of a religious tradition.

Paths of Faith features the stories of unforgettable people, including the late John Cardinal O'Connor, former Catholic archbishop of New York, who discusses the pressures and rewards of being one of the most recognized religious figures in the world; Sister Frances Carr, eldress of the last remaining Shaker community, who tells how she came to the Shakers and how she maintains her faith even as her community faces possible extinction; and the Reverend Troy Perry, who talks about how he founded the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches when he was told there was no place for him in the church of his childhood. Other interviews include discussions of Judaism, the Episcopal Church, Islam, the Orthodox Church in America, Buddhism, the Quakers, Hinduism, and witchcraft.

Paths of Faith will help readers appreciate both the things that connect different religions and the things that make each one unique.

by: Michael Thomas Ford

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