Open My Eyes, Open My Soul: Celebrating Our Common Humanity

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Open My Eyes, Open My Soul is a collection of stories and poems edited by Yolanda King, the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebrating and encouraging appreciation for our commonalities and differences, Open My Eyes, Open My Soul features entries from a spectrum of authors, including celebrities, human rights advocates, and writers from all walks of life - authors whose experiences overcoming racism have led to a renewed vision of the human family. These experiences include: Coming from a family of mixed cultures; Adopting children of an ethnic group other than their own; Being involved in an interracial marriage or relationship; Living or visiting anywhere the culture was distinctly different from their own; Altering a previously-held narrow perspective; Poignant, compassionate, and thought provoking, these pieces reflect a diverse background of authors and experiences. Open My Eyes, Open My Soul inspires readers to begin a journey that embraces oneness while celebrating the beauty of diversity.

by : Yolanda King