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The Global Warming Survival Kit

The Global Warming Survival Kit

$1.41 USD

by : Brian Clegg

Climate change is upon us. Make no mistake: disasters such as Hurricane Katrina are the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg. While we must still press our governments to take action to mitigate the most extreme effects of global warming, it is now beyond doubt that prevention will not be enough. We clearly need to plan for the worst. But good advice is hard to come by - until now. "The Global Warming Survival Kit" includes: where to live to minimize the impact of climate change; how to get drinkable water when the taps run dry; what to eat to stay alive in town and country; and, essential survival equipment to keep ready. We can all hope that the worst scenario won't happen - but it's easier to be secure in that hope if you are well prepared.


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