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Lizards of the World

Lizards of the World

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Reptiles have been the subjects of superstition and speculation for thousands of years, and their remarkably diverse forms, colors, and behavior continue to fascinate human beings today. Filling the need for an accessible overview of what is known about these intriguing creatures, Lizards of the World presents a wealth of information in a readable and interesting format. Written as an introduction to the natural history of lizards, this book helps to answer the many questions that both amateur and professional naturalists ask about these animals. It examines the origins, form, function, color, environment, feeding, defense, reproduction, movement, and distribution of lizards, from the tiny, tropical geckos to the huge Komodo dragon. The author also discusses lizards in captivity and their relationship with humans, and describes the entire range of the lizard families. Beautifully illustrated with superb black-and-white and full-color photographs, as well as with crisp line illustrations, this valuable resource clearly presents the spectacularly varied lizard families.

by : Chris Mattison

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