Playing God

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by : Sarah Zettel

The Dedelphi, fierce inhabitants of a violent world at war for centuries, have unleashed a biological weapon that has poisoned their planet. Now they must hire manager Lynn Nussbaumer and her company, Bioverse, Inc., to clean the infection out of their ecosystem. But some groups within the Dedelphi's fiercely tribal society want to use the humans and their advanced technology to exterminate their enemies. Lynn tries to complete her job and stay neutral, but soon both she and her Dedelphi friends are trapped in a showdown between warring factions and must confront a devastating betrayal.Sarah Zettel is a remarkably gifted young author poised for major success. Reclamation (Aspect, 1996) won the Locus Award for Best First Novel and was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award for best science fiction novel published in original mass market paperback. Her second novel, Fool's War (Aspect, 4/97), was named a Notable Book of 1997 by The New York Times.The author has received critical acclaim in The New York Times Book Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Los Angeles Times, among others.