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Ahead of the Market: The Zacks Method for Spotting Stocks Early -- In Any Economy

Ahead of the Market: The Zacks Method for Spotting Stocks Early -- In Any Economy

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Beat the Pros at Their Own Game

All too often, you learn about good stocks far too late to profit from the information. By the time you actually buy a stock, professional investors have already been there, bought the stock, driven up the price, and are just waiting to unload it at an inflated price.

All That's About to Change. . . .

In Ahead of the Market, Mitch Zacks shows investors how they can spot stocks that are poised to take off long before the rest of the crowd learns about them. How? By unlocking the gems of priceless information buried in Wall Street's often self-serving research.

Ahead of the Market is the first book, ever, that enables you to profitably use the analyst stock research for which Wall Street firms pay more than one billion dollars annually. Many investors have rightly felt misled in the past by analysts who continued to hype stocks as prices plummeted. You may have even concluded that Wall Street research is totally worthless. But it's not.

In Ahead of the Market, Mitch Zacks shows that analysts actually provide a wealth of market-moving information that can generate exceptional returns if interpreted correctly. The key is to use the research produced by Wall Street analysts the same way the professional money managers do.

Pioneered by the firm Zacks Investment Research and based on more than twenty years of intensive analysis, the investment strategies revealed in this book are indeed the same ones used by successful professional investors everywhere.

In these pages you will learn how to form an investment plan by locating stocks that are poised for price appreciation and avoiding stocks heading for a fall. Zacks shows how you could have prevented being burned when the recent bubble burst, if you had known how to use analyst research correctly and teaches you the rules of the research game so you will not fall victim the next time around. In sum, this book is your guide to picking the right stock at the right time.

Mitch Zacks's groundbreaking research provides new insights and new strategies to:

  • Use revisions to analysts' earnings estimates to predict the rise and fall of stock prices
  • Interpret the real meaning behind analysts' stock recommendations
  • Employ the "cockroach" phenomenon and other methodologies to predict earnings surprises before they occur
  • Determine how to react when a company reports earnings and how to profit from "post-earnings announcement drift"
  • Understand and profit from "analyst creep" -- the reason that earnings estimate revisions occur incrementally over time
  • Avoid being duped by the games that companies play with their earnings reports

Whether the economy is healthy or stalled, whether the market is up or down, by focusing on the strategies contained in this book you will always come out ahead. Well-picked individual stocks will always carry the day. Now with Ahead of the Market, you will finally have the same tools institutional investors have and will be able to find great stocks in any market environment.

by: Mitch Zacks

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