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Peaceful Dwelling: Meditations for Healing and Living

Peaceful Dwelling: Meditations for Healing and Living

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by : Madeline Ko-I Bastis

"Like many people," says Madeline Ko-i Bastis, "I began my meditation practice when I didn't know what else to do...There was a spiritual and emotional emptiness in my life." After taking a simple adult education class in meditation, she started to see miraculous results. My physical energy soared, I slept more soundly, and seemed more able to concentrate on work. As she got deeper into the practice of meditation, Bastis wanted to share her discoveries with others. Eventually she became a Buddhist hospital Chaplain and a Zen priest. Now she imparts her meditative wisdom in Peaceful Dwelling which features:

* Various meditations for healing all kinds of medical, psychological, or spiritual ailments

* Real-life stories to instruct, inspire, and ground readers

* Guidance on living and dying in the here and now, while dealing with illness, stress, and suffering

* Making the most out of the present moment

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