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Miss Fido Manners Complete Book Of Dog Eti to People

Miss Fido Manners Complete Book Of Dog Eti to People

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People love their dogs and many bring them everywhere, as evidenced by their no-longer discreet appearances on subways, at cafe tables, on the job, and in shops. But dogs are only welcome in places where they behave. Well-mannered people and their well-mannered pets are more pleasant to be around, treated better by everyone, and invited to more places, including restaurants, parties, and holiday homes. Aware that "good dogs are trained dogs," there's an etiquette to dog ownership - and it's not always the dog who needs to learn a few things about proper manners. Etiquette and pet expert Charlotte Reed discusses decorum for every occasion in a dog's life, guiding pet parents on acceptable behaviour for both themselves and their dogs. Reed provides tips for: behaving at home and on the street; eating in or going out; extending pet courtesy to others in places of business; being mindful of others while traveling; and treating veterinarians, pet sitters, and dog groomers with respect. Pet owners learn how to behave appropriately in all kinds of situations, making them model pet owners, good neighbours, excellent customers, exceptional hosts, and welcome guests at the homes of friends and family.

by: Charlotte Reed 

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