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52 Fights: A Newlywed's Confession

52 Fights: A Newlywed's Confession

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A candid and clever portrait of a young woman's first year of married life

Week 1: "You want this house? With the pink-and-purple striped wallpaper?"

Week 9: "But you said you'd do it today..."

Week 17: "You couldn't have called?"

Newlyweds Jennifer and Matt really love each other. They never lived together before they were married-and so both were shocked to learn all the little things that go with living with one's spouse. Who knew that in his family, Saturdays were for tackling chores, while in her family Saturdays were for sleeping late? Now, two nice people from nice families are finding out that they do everything differently-and suddenly, they're in the ring with gloves on!

Week by week, the fights take both of them by surprise-they never meant to be the kind of couple that acts this way. Simultaneously, though, Jennifer and Matt are building something strong, knocking down old walls of habit and finding the strong foundation of a love that will see them a delightful memoir of a knock-down, drag-out first year of marriage.

By: Jennifer Jeanne Patterson

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