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500 Student Meals: The Only Student Cookbook You'll Ever Need

500 Student Meals: The Only Student Cookbook You'll Ever Need

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For so many young people, their first day as a student is the first time they have had to puzzle over the question of how to feed themselves, and once the mom-packed food parcel runs out, they have to start fending for themselves. The aim of this book is to make cooking for one in student accommodation easy. It takes a realistic view of what students really want to eat and their limitations. Recipes do not assume that students have room to cook with multiple pans or own fancy cookware orfood processors-and this book understands that students hate doing the dishes. They may have only one shelf in the refrigerator, so this book uses very short lists of ingredients without exotic items, expensive perishables, or alcohol. The recipes in this book have also been developed to teach students a number of basic skills, such as how to hard cook an egg, how long to fry steak, how to make a hamburger, and how to cook a simple fillet of fish. Alongside these must-know recipes is a range of imaginative, international, and contemporary recipes for any time of the day or night-and some that are fun and silly too. They reflect student life, with foods young people love to eat as well as some they know they should be eating. Including dietary notes, cooking tips, and possible substitutions, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, this book has all the technical help, shortcuts, and delicious recipes that a student cook needs to know.

by : Deborah Gray,

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