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Supermarket Gourmet

Supermarket Gourmet

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It's amazing what red pepper and low-fat sour cream can do for plain, old asparagus! Jyl Steinback, "America's Healthiest Mom," shows readers how to make healthy, inexpensive, and basic dishes exciting and flavorful using ingredients found in almost any supermarket.

From Chili Potato Skins or Creamy Basil Rotini to Caramel Pineapple Loaf or Choc-o-lot Chip Zuchinni Bread, the more than 200 recipes are accompanied by invaluable supermarket tips, such as how to curb impulse buys and how to avoid hidden high-fat products. Jyl also includes a list of the essential foods that every mom should have on hand and provides information on deciphering nutritional labels.

By: Jyl Steinback

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