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Floral House: Simple Designs and Decorations for the Home

Floral House: Simple Designs and Decorations for the Home

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by : Julia Bird

Nothing adds warmth and vitality to a room as simply as a bouquet of fresh flowers or a floral fabric wall hanging. Quite simply, flowers, in any form, bring a room to life. Floral House, a collection of designs by stylist Julia Bird, presents numerous ways to use floral motifs--whether cut-flower bouquets, floral fabrics, or floral china patterns--as simple decorative accents that can add freshness and spark to any room.

The book is cleverly arranged according to five different palettes so that readers can easily find ideas that complement their homes and sense of style. "Fresh and Light," for instance, focuses on pale creams, leaf greens, and sunny yellows--the bright, clear colors of spring--while "Deep and Exotic" presents the bold contrasts of black and white punctuated with inky purples, lively bright pinks, rich deep reds, and dusky violets.

More than anything else, Floral House shows that simple accents that take precious little time to create can have dramatic impact on the feel of a room. Readers are sure to find many ideas for freshening up their homes in the book's lovely photographs and engaging text.

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