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Garden Home City: Creating an Urban Haven

Garden Home City: Creating an Urban Haven

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Picking up where the best-selling Garden House left off, Garden Home: City demonstrates how to infuse an apartment, loft, flat, or other city home with the spirit of the garden. Clusters of yellow blossoms in brightly colored pails on a sill create a flower bed where there’s no space for one. Carefully arranged indoor topiaries bring the whimsy of a manicured garden inside. And a wall painted the vivid color of a favorite flower adds warmth and vibrancy to a small room. Garden Home: City also shows how to soften the boundaries between indoors and out with the creative use of window boxes, fire escapes, and balcony gardens. Anyone who lives in an urban setting will appreciate this richly illustrated, inspirational guide to transforming any space into a modern-day Eden.

By: Bonnie Trust Dahan (Author)

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