The Virility Solution

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By Lamm, Steven

Bestselling author Dr. Steven Lamm reports on a dramatic new medical breakthrough in the treatments related to potency -- and presents a complete program to guarantee sexual performance.For the estimated 30 million American males with potency problems -- and just as much for healthy males who yearn to be peak performers -- this super virility program represents one of the most exciting medical breakthroughs in recent years.At the heart of the program are two remarkable new prescription drugs -- Viagra and Vasomax -- that complement natural desire with astonishingly enhanced erectile performance, usually within 15 to 30 minutes. But there is much more to this program than merely popping a pill, and Dr. Steven Lamm outlines a complete approach that includes dietary suggestions and virility friendly exercises that enhance the blood's circulation to the penis as part of an eight-step plan for sexual health.Just as the introduction of Prozac radically changed the treatment of depression, Viagra and Vasomax are about to take the subject of male potency out of the closet -- and relieve men everywhere of anxiety as they guarantee a dependable sexual performance. This is truly the virility solution that millions have been waiting for.