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The Way of the World: Readings in Chinese Philosophy

The Way of the World: Readings in Chinese Philosophy

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However varied in its attitudes and ideas, Chinese philosophy has typically centered on the concrete problems of human life, from the personal to the political, and is first and foremost a path to be followed. The Way of the World is a wonderfully readable collection of writings that demonstrate the range of Taoist approaches to the practical dynamics involved in the relationship between the individual and society. The writings--some in prose and some in verse--focus on self-cultivation, how to approach the problems of life, and how to acquire the skills necessary for leadership. The material in this collection comes from a variety of sources and spans several time periods including some of the earliest texts. Highlights include selections from Guanzi (dated from 725-645 b.c.e.) on the mastery of the self as a prerequisite to leadership, a commentary on the maxims of Lao Tzu, and famous Taoist anecdotes.

by : Thomas Cleary,

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