Country Chic Living

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Country Chic Living explores new possibilities in residential architecture in rural areas. The currect stress of urban life has led many people to move to the country. The interest till now focused on compact urban dwellings is giving way to a new concept in residential architecture that looks at perservation and remodeling existing country buildings. This is an illustrated guide to the most fascinating rustic interiors and exteriors in the midst of the most unthoughful of settings. Farms that once produced oil, wine and cheese are today turned into laboratories for architecture, experimentation, and design. The pages of this book offer a range of contemporary ideas for those whose taste is for rustic, rural, and elegant. With photos in living color by Walter and Laura Leonardi, the book is an essential collection to have for those who long to come together with nature and live in a more open and natural environment.

by : Marta Serrats