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Littlenose the Joker

Littlenose the Joker

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Littlenose lives long, long, ago, when fierce wild animals roam the land, and it is very cold. His home is a cave, his clothes are made of fur, and his pet is a woolly mammoth called Two-Eyes.


It is Crocus Day—the Neanderthal version of April Fools’ Day—and Littlenose has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. How long will his tribe tolerate his mischievous antics? These five stories feature all the chaos Littlenose can handle, including a wild forest bull on the rampage; an invasion of mammoths; and a new pet for this precocious caveboy: Squeaky the mouse. Whether he's tricking his cousins, dealing with a herd of woolly mammoths, or playing with his new pet mouse, you can always count on Littlenose to have a good joke up his sleeve!

By: John Grant

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