Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

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In this controversial work, acclaimed Israeli writer and human rights campaigner Israel Shahak, and American scholar Norton Mezvinsky, examine the history and consequences of Jewish fundamentalism in Israel. This new edition, fully updated throughout with new chapters and a new introduction, is aimed at anyone who wants a full understanding of the way religious extremism has affected the political development of the modern Israeli state. Jewish fundamentalism in Israel, as shown in the activities of religious settlers, is of great political importance. The authors trace its history and development, examining the various different strains, and identify the messianic tendency as the most dangerous. Shahak and Mezvinsky place the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin in the context of what the authors see as a tradition of punishments and killings of those Jews perceived to be heretics. The authors argue that Jewish fundamentalism is essentially hostile to democracy because it opposes equality for all citizens and therefore it poses a considerable threat to democracy in Israel.