Mail Order Bride

$21.15 USD

by : Kalesniko, Mark

Mark Kalesniko, creator of the Harvey award nominated Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself? is back with an even more powerful, all-new graphic novel. This hilarious look at life after a Korean mail order bride arrives to meet her Canadian husband sheds light on the little-understood world of mail order marriages. Monty Wheeler is a pathetic, lonely 39-year-old virgin struggling with his own inadequacies, who expects Kyung Seo, his newly arrived bride, to fulfil his female Asian fantasy stereotype - domestic, obedient, hardworking and loyal. But Kyung is strong and much more single-minded than Monty is ready to accept. He begins to wonder if his investment was a wise one, especially when his wife finds an ally in Eve Wong, a western-born Asian woman who encourages Kyung to greater rebellion and self-fulfilment.