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Aleph - Hardcover

Aleph - Hardcover

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The stunningly personal new non-fiction work from one of the world's most inspiring and intuitive authors, Paulo Coelho. In 2006, Paulo embarked on a Trans-Siberian pilgrimage across the terrain of his readership as he sought to reconnect with his waning spirituality. Joined by Hilal, a determined and enigmatic young girl with a compelling history, and a reluctant entourage of publishers, translators and assistants, Paulo experiences an unexpected divine awakening -- the Aleph -- with Hilal. The girl who seemed to be merely another over-enthusiastic Paulo devotee is the catalyst that banishes his ennui and a girl with whom he has shared a previous life and from whom he must seek forgiveness. Paulo must banish pride to order to gain emancipation from the shackles of his own isolation, apathy and guilt, allowing happiness and desire to burst back into his life.

by : Paulo Coelho.

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