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he Ancestral Continuum: Unlock the Secrets of Who You Really are

he Ancestral Continuum: Unlock the Secrets of Who You Really are

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Ancestral inheritance does not simply influence physical characteristics, such as height and eye colour; it also has a profound effect on who we are. We can be unwittingly influenced by events that happened to our grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond, whose emotions and memories we may be carrying. Identifying inherited traits can help us realise our potential, but it can also help us overcome the obstacles that may be holding us back. As we learn about and honour our ancestors, we can reclaim who we are, rediscover our creativity, and find our true soul path. Once we become aware that we are part of a continuing narrative, we can more easily see our life's purpose and immeasurably enrich our relationships. The Ancestral Continuum will take each reader on a journey through the labyrinth of their own ancestral legacy. As we explore our family trees, we can begin to see ourselves as just one strand in a never-ending tapestry of history and emotion, personality and achievement, birth and death, that will continue into infinity. Find out how to: discover and honour your ancestors, heal your own family history, reveal inherited creative and inspirational gifts, discover your Guardian Ancestor and learn from inspiring case studies of discovery and personal growth. Ancestral awareness is the key to who we are and where we came from. That awareness can provide us with the strength to go into our future better informed about our emotions, our sensitivities and our unique talents. The Ancestral Continuum is a revolutionary blueprint for transforming how we feel about ourselve

by : O\ Sullivan

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