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Titian: His Life

Titian: His Life

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HardCover. Pub Date :2012-07-05 Pages: 864 Language: English Publisher: HarperPress The first biography since 1877 of Venices greatest artist - a towering work which captures the genius of Titian. beautifully illustrated throughout with full colour plates.Devoted father and loyal friend. Titian was notorious for disregarding authority and was an international celebrity by his late fifties. He was famously difficult but his stubbornness and horrendous timekeeping did nothing to deter his patrons who included the Hapsburgs. the Pope and his family and Charles.During his career. which spanned more than seventy years. Titian painted around five or six hundred pictures of which less than half survive. His work has been studied by generations of great artists from Rubens to Manet and he is often seen as having artistically transcended his own time . Sheila Hale not only examines h..

by: Sheila Hale

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