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The Wildflower Path

The Wildflower Path

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All families have secrets and many are taken to the grave, but those that aren't can return, generations later, with devastating consequences. For Kate Drake, now a great-grandmother, marriage and family brought peace after years of restless uncertainty. Now watching her own grown children, it seems the world is a no less complicated place. Stella, her fiercely independent daughter, and Will, her handsome, self-indulgent son have challenges of their own to face, while Will's daughter, Evie, is bringing up a son on her own. But when a secret from the past casts its shadow across four generations of the family, a spoiled war veteran gets a second chance, a stubbornly independent woman opens herself to love, and an older one rediscovers it, while a young boy begins to understand the complexities of adult life. This installement brings to a close the remarkable family drama that began with The Flowers of the Field

by: Sarah Harrison

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