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Nascar Racers

Nascar Racers

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Fasten Your Seat Belt...

Welcome to the NASCAR Unlimited Division, where the competition is intense and the racing is extreme. Unlimited racecars are the ultimate in high tech, built to reach unheard-of speeds, perform incredible stunts, an take on impossible off-road courses! Are you ready for action? Because we're only getting started...

Meet Team Fastex: Mark McCutchen, Steve Sharp, Carlos Rey, and Megan Fassler, four fearless NASCAR racers with the guts to call themselves Unlimited Division drivers. They've signed up for the toughest year of heart-stopping action imaginable, and all, of them are eager to prove themselves on the track.

But does Team Fastex have what it takes to go head-to-head with evil Team Rexcor, a band of dirty drivers who'll stop at nothing to win? It'll take a season of supercharged racing in the ultimate of extreme environments to find out!

by: J. E. Bright 

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