Waldo Chicken Wakes the Dead: A Murder Mystery of Unusual Proportions

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Connie O'Toole enjoys part-time amateur sleuthing—and the neighborhood's worst kept secret is that he has help. You see, Connie happens to be a cartoonist who regularly confers with his cartoon characters: Waldo (a fat and pompous walrus) and the Chicken (a frightfully nervous hen who roosts on Waldo's head). It's usually an amicable relationship—although Connie's wife Evelyn might disagree. Still, nobody can solve a neighborhood mystery quite like Waldo!

But things change suddenly when Connie, Evelyn, and Waldo Chicken try to find the neighborhood's reigning monarch (a cat named Mr. Woo) and instead stumble onto the remains of someone they thought had left the neighborhood long ago—the sultry Becky Sawyer.

What started as an inestigation to find the regal Mr. Woo suddenly becomes a full-fledged murder mystery, a mystery that—impossibly—involves Waldo Chicken!

by:  Alan Goldsmith