Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain

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A revolutionary approach to dealing with chronic pain. From arthritis and back pain to fibromylgia, chronic pain afflicts some fifty million Americans. With more than twelve years' experience treating its sufferers and seeing the nation's health-care system come up short, Dr. Peter Abaci developed innovative treatments that have helped thousands better their lives in dramatic ways--techniques he now offers in this book for the first time. In Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain, Dr. Abaci sets forth a comprehensive approach to chronic pain, one rooted in cutting edge research and case studies. He empowers readers by teaching them how they can take control of their pain by pairing traditional medicine with unconventional treatments--such as meditation, tai chi, art therapy, diet, supplements, acupuncture, and yoga. Writing in a reassuring tone throughout, he also reveals groundbreaking new information about how functional MRIs can now measure pain for the first time before and after treatments, as well as startling information about the pharmaceutical industry and the surprising new discovery that narcotic pain medications can actually worsen the pain. Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain educates readers on the various aspects of chronic pain management, such as: Getting control Eliminating negative emotions and thoughts Making lifestyle changes Using art to process inner conflicts Living free from addictions Managing stress Recognizing myths about medications and surgeries Knowing what to eat.

by: Peter Abaci MD