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I is for Influence: The New Science of Persuasion

I is for Influence: The New Science of Persuasion

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Whatever your walk of life, you're in the business of persuasion and influence. Persuasion 101 offers incredible insights into what it takes to change a person's mind and how to master the art of influence to get what you want. Whether you are looking to persuade your boss to give you a promotion, win a business contract or persuade a special someone to go out on a date, Persuasion 101 will show you techniques that encourage and even compel people to change their attitudes and actions. Chapters include: how we are affected by group mentality; the subtle (and unsubtle) power of body language; the impact of words and delivery; and, the effect of reward and incentive. With fascinating case studies and eye-opening psychological research, Persuasion 101 shows you how to master the power of influence and sway people to your way of thinking.

by : Yeung, Rob

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