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The Atlas of Secret Societies

The Atlas of Secret Societies

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David Barrett David Barrett Throughout history secret societies have exerted a powerful hidden influence on our culture, politics and spirituality.

Step into the shadowy world of secret societies with the latest edition to the illuminating Atlas series. Unlock the mysteries behind some of the world's most powerful covert organizations, some of which have faded into obscurity, others which still hold power today.

Often underpinned by mystical or religious principles, each society had clear political aims and sought to bring about social, moral and political change. From Chinese Triads to the Knights Templar, and from the Thuggee Cult to the Freemasons, The Atlas of Secret Societies explores the motives of each society, their purpose and what we know of their mysterious practices. Lavish artwork reconstructions depict the ancient rites and practices of selected societies, and take you into a fascinating and hidden world.

by: David Barrett

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