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Winning the Wealth Game

Winning the Wealth Game

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The Next best thing to taking it with you!
For generations, some of America's wealthiest families have used financial planning strategies to keep their wealth intact. If you favor your family over the IRS, then find out how toreally protect your estate:

  • Understand the basic concepts of wills, trust, estate taxes, and probate
  • Prepare a wealth transfer plan
  • Designate the proper IRA beneficiaries and payout options. Reduce your income taxes and leave a tax-deferred legacy for heirs.
  • Use the powerful and unique Wealth Trust to fit the specific needs of your family
  • Create a plan to pass on your estate, or its equivalent, to your heirs absolutely tax-free, regardless of how large it is.
  • Avoid having your children and grandchildren face economic penalties for being successful

Let Winning the Wealth Game show you winning strategies to help you invest in your family's future and keep your wealth in your family.

by : Andrew D. Westhem

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