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30 Days

30 Days

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30 Days: A Month a the Heart of Blair's War is a closely observed fly-on-the-wall record of political and domestic life at 10 Downing Street, and of Tony Blair's leadership throughout the war against Iraq--told by former Times editor Peter Stothard.

On the whole Blair comes across as a man of strength, conviction and genuine integrity; he won't be disappointed with this book, but then neither will the reader. The events themselves naturally lend drama and pace but Stothard's narrative style--intimate, immediate and compelling--also manages to reveal something about the personality of the major players. The book is not just a study of the character of Tony Blair but also a fascinating set of personal observations about Alistair Campbell, John Prescott, Clare Short, Jack Short, Robin Cook, Sally Morgan, the American contingent--including Bush, Powell, Condeleeza Rice--as well as the Downing Street clock-winder and tea-lady.

by : Peter Stothard

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