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Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Anatomy of Tragedy

Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Anatomy of Tragedy

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After more than half a century of warfare and human suffering, a peace settlement in the Middle East appears to be as elusive as ever. Using pictures, text and graphics, Reuters journalists report from the front line of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and offer an insight into one of the world's most intractable conflicts. The book examines the failures of diplomacy and the dashed hopes that have scarred generations of Israelis and Palestinians. Award-winning Reuters photographers illustrate the turmoil from both sides, capturing dignity and hope as well as rage and revenge. One chapter carries vivid images of those caught in the crossfire of today's violence; another looks at key leaders through the eyes of those correspondents who witnessed defining moments of the past decades. The book examines the roots of the current Palestinian uprising, or Intifada, illustrates the dedication of those who are working for peace and paints a portrait of the beautiful and tormented city of Jerusalem

by : Journalists of Reuters

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