Graphic Designer's Color Handbook

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Colour is one of the most essential as well as one of the most challenging elements of good design. And getting colour right is one of the greatest hurdles faced by graphic designers today. As new technologies such as computer monitors, digital photography and digital printing have evolved, the complexities of colour management have grown. This handbook offers the designer a trouble-shooting guide for all aspects of colour usage and management. To help the reader to avoid common mistakes and inaccuracies before beginning a project, the book begins by walking the reader through the basics of colour theory. From there it moves methodically through the design process, covering everything from choosing colour combinations and executing management techniques to designing with colour on the Web and obtaining optimal printing results. Conceived as a companion volume to The Graphic Designer's Digital Printing and Prepress Handbook and Digital Photography for Graphic Designers , this book offers the designer a resource for questions and issues relating to colour.

by : Barb Karg