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Disposable: The Disposable Skateboard Bible: Volume II

Disposable: The Disposable Skateboard Bible: Volume II

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With the release of Disposable - A History of Skateboard Art in 2004, author Sean Cliver made a brilliant attempt at artfully cataloging every important skateboard deck ever released. In the process, he created a classic, but was left feeling less than whole. Ever the completist, the gaping omissions in the first book gnawed at him and drove him to envision compiling 'the' ultimate encyclopedia of Skateboard decks. While Disposable was beautiful, capturing the essence of the aesthetic, Disposable II sets out to be the Bible. The author's industry insider status (in 1989, he landed his first job as a designer at Powell-Peralta) allow him to walk the reader through the culture, the art and the mania with authority. While the boards take centre stage, fascinating vignettes and recollections by a who's who of skateboarding round out the book.

By Press, Gingko

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