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Pub Date: 2007-05-11 Pages: 297 Language: English Publisher:. Simon & Schuster UK Sting and The Police have been global stars ever since their first hit with Roxanne Now. for the first time. Sting has collected his song lyrics since 1978 and publishes them in a handsome hardback volume. LYRICS is a comprehensive collection of Stings song lyrics spanning his entire career from the early days of the The Police through to Sacred Love. his latest album. Song lyrics are presented in album order. and coupled with newly-written commentary by Sting about the lyrics. the records. and his career as a songwriter in general The book is enhanced by wonderful photographs from every period This beautifully-produced hardback -.. featuring a two-colour designed interior over its 270 pages - is the ideal keepsake for the artists fans Timed to follow the wave of excitement following the intern.


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