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Spotlight Interactive: Star Gazer

Spotlight Interactive: Star Gazer

$35.25 USD

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight… For thousands of years, the night sky has been a source of profound fascination for people. Now you can learn to recognize the major stars and constellations—from Orion to Ursa Major — and understand how the night skies change with Star Gazer.

• This unique guide to the night time skies features an innovative fold-out touch-screen with fiber optic lights that illuminate stars and constellations at the touch of a button.
• The touch-screen shows four maps of the night sky, as it appears during each season. Each map shows both northern and southern hemispheres, and features a button that illuminates the major stars or constellations visible at that time of year.
• The accompanying 64-page book is packed with stellar information: star maps, illustrations, photographs, and details about the constellations, spread by spread.
• You’ll learn how the planets and other objects such as nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies, work together to make up our universe.
• This out-of-this-world book is unlike any other on the market today — and will definitely appeal to millions of dedicated star-gazers around the world.

by: Robin Scagell

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