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Asian Cook

Asian Cook

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Asian Cook is a compendium of recipes embellished with tools and techniques that have been integral to Asian cuisines for centuries. It embraces a geographical sweep of countries with chapters grouping the Asian regions that share common culinary threads. They are as follows: China; Japan and Korea; India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka; the five countries of Indochina embracing Thailand, Kampuchea, Laos, Burma and Vietnam; and the three Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. There are more than 100 authentic recipes from the author's culinary trove including some gems from internationally known chefs like Ken Hom, Sri Owen, Alan Davidson, Fuchsia Dunlop and Emi Kazuko among others. There are illuminating nuggets of information relevant to the cultural and culinary evolution of these countries that make their cuisines truly fascinating. It is a tantalising insight into one of the world's most intriguing potpourri of cuisines and also much demystifying of elements that were deemed too complex and difficult to master. Traditional methods using rustic tools and techniques are explained. Readers will better understand the semantics and effective use of traditional as well as modern tools in the preparation of Asian dishes. The objective is to imbue a sharper perception of all Asian culinary practices. It is now being expanded to include more recipes, ingredients and techniques into a more expansive culinary work of 336 pages.

by : Terry Tan

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