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The Great Terror War

The Great Terror War

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The horror of September 11 remains indelible. The destruction of that day--and its causes and effects--continues to haunt us. How could the most powerful nation in the world be so vulnerable? How will the US government wage its declared war on terror--and where will that war take us?

Richard Falk, an international law scholar and veteran of human rights struggles around the world, brings to these questions the wisdom of decades of passionate involvement in world politics. Firs outlining what is new and different about the challenge of megaterrorism, Falk thoughtfully teases out the implications of the various US responses: the war in Afghanistan, as declared and as carried out; the extension of the war to Saddam Hussein's Iraq; the domestic focus on security and patriotism; the intensified unilateralism of the Bush administration.

by : Richard A. Falk

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