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Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists

Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists

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Essential C++ for Engineers and Scientists focuses readers on the key elements of good programming and C++ using a multitude of engineering and scientific examples that are relevant to future engineers. The book covers the features of C++ needed for writing engineering programs, including many features of object-oriented programming. Early on, it makes some simplifying assumptions that allow the use of C++ topics without lengthy explanation, and then later discusses the intricacies of the features. Readers will come away with the confidence needed to solve problems with C++. THIS SECOND EDITION FEATURES: *Over 50 per cent more programming projects than in the first edition. *Two new case studies with complete algorithm development. *Over 80 engineering and scientific examples and programming projects drawn from interesting areas such as solar heating, environmentally sound power production, water conservation, automated manufacturing, pipeline and power grid modeling, and others. *Updated and enhanced coverage of many topics including member operators and member functions, files, and structs. *Reference appendices on using the C programming language and about both the Borland and Visual C++ integrated development environments. *Fundamentals of numerical methods that represent commonly used techniques for solving engineering and scientific problems.

by : Jeri Hanly

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