Shape Yourself

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Fabulously fit as she nears the milestone of 50, tennis great Martina Navratilova reveals her step-by-step, age-defying formula Known for her superb conditioning, Martina Navratilova is a marvel of fitness. She easily outruns many women who are half her age, still plays tennis competitively, and engages in all the other sports she loves: basketball, hockey, skiing, and more. Everywhere she goes, people ask her: Why can you still move the way you do? How do you stay in such good shape? What's your secret? In The Shape of Your Life, this amazing athlete shares through personal anecdotes the simple strategies, tips, and small lifestyle changes that will enable anyone to tune up their body, mind, and spirit. In her 6-step program readers discover: - tips on achieving the focus and mental ability of star athletes - advice on creating an environment--emotionally and physically--that supports readers' health and personal goals- a healthy food plan with delicious recipes--emphasizing natural foods, including raw foods and juices--that help the body release toxins, drop extra pounds, and feel more vibrant and youthful - fun, unique, cutting-edge exercises that can be done anywhere and will make readers appreciate the power, strength, and beauty of the body - novel ways to recharge and energize mind and body Above all, Martina offers smart, doable techniques so readers can achieve championship levels in every area of their lives.

by: Martina Navratilova