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The Complete Digital Video Guide

The Complete Digital Video Guide

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Whether it's vacations, significant family events, school concerts, graduations, or simply fun times at home, everyone wants to preserve such moments with loved ones through entertaining, crisp, high-quality digital video movies. But how can these important home movies avoid the usual pitfalls of repetition, jumpiness, and lighting and sound inconsistency that home filmmakers encounter? Award-winning photographer Bob Brandon shows you how, using only a digital video camera and the amazing power of the latest program available on every PC operated by Microsoft XP: Windows Movie Maker Unlike so many other manuals filled with jargon and difficult instructions, The Complete Digital Video Guide takes an almost entirely visual, easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to creating high-quality digital home movies. Through over 600 photographs and diagrams, state-of-the-art information, and his informal tone, Brandon covers every stage in the digital process. Learn the basics--how to plan your approach, set up the shoot, get the sound and lighting right, and more. Then using the incredible (and easy-to-use) editing capacity of Windows Movie Maker turn your home movies into dynamic, studio-quality productions that you and your family will enjoy forever.

by : Bob Brandon

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