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Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting

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Lighting has a crucial effect on any room. Deciding how to light your home or office requires decisions about the atmosphere you want, whether you prefer functional or ambient lighting, and how the decor of the room can be enhanced. This title aims to help you make those choices and select the best solutions from the wide and changing range of lighting available today. A comprehensive introduction to the key areas of lighting, it provides answers to questions such as: the difference between halogen and fluorescent light bulbs, or how down lighting differs from spot lighting. The core of the text then takes a close look at the different types of lights available. Well-defined sections highlight contemporary design in lighting, from floor lamps, table lamps to lights that hang from the ceiling. Finally, a section on room effects put the lights into context with accessible examples of rooms lit to perfection. Whatever your requirements, from information about individual items to inspiration for a lighting scheme that brings a room to life, Contemporary Lighting should help you analyse your needs and identify how to meet them.

by : Sebastian Conran and Mark Bond

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