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This is the true story of two young men, Joel and Albert, who meet, become friends and then drift apart. When they meet again several years later, both have full blown AIDS. They begin a warm and loving relationship that sustains them through the horrors of the early AIDS epidemic that hits LA. It is during this time, when many of their friends have died from AIDS, that Joel and Albert make a pact: whoever dies first will attempt to contact the other from the beyond. Highly sceptical of anyone who claims to have psychic abilities, it is Joel who is left behind following Albert's suicide. Joel (who is dying of AIDS himself) begins to receive signals of guidance and support from Albert. Almost reluctantly, Joel comes to realize that he really does possess psychic gifts and that these gifts can be used to help others. Now, almost 15 years later, Joel Rothschild is one of America's longest surviving AIDS sufferers, and whilst he readily acknowledges the part medical science has played in keeping him alive against all the odds, he also knows that his continuing friendship with Albert has given him the inspirational determination to heal.

by : Neale Donald Walsch

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