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Sibling Constellation (Contemporary Astrology)

Sibling Constellation (Contemporary Astrology)

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In addressing the impact of family on an individual's social and psychological development, both astrologers and psychologists have tended to stress parental influence as the most significant factor. The sibling relationship, which also plays a vital role in determining who we become, has been largely overlooked. In The Sibling Constellation, Brian Clark reveals how a deeper understanding of our sibling connections can lead to key insights about our families -- and ourselves.Divided into four sections that explore the sibling relationship from different perspectives -- mythological, psychological, astrological, and practical -- The Sibling Constellation also includes an examination of birth order and gender influence; astrological cycles and their correspondence to the timing of a sibling's birth; and case studies that show what the horoscope reveals about sibling relationships. The Sibling Constellation is compelling reading for both astrological and psychological practitioners, and anyone who would like to better understand his or her individual and sibling development.

by: Brian J. Clark

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